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Jessica Rose

Jessica is a home educator and owner of QC Moms. She lives in a geriatric, temperamental Victorian home with her six children ages 16, 14, 12, 10, 8 and 5. She is passionate about natural living, homeschooling her wild and free children, gentle parenting, and trying to glorify God in her daily life. If there is any time left over, she enjoys reading, her planner, reading, cooking, writing, baking, Netflix and Facebook, reading, and learning new things. She used to write at http://www.farmfreshjessica.com.
mom summer bucket list hoopdancing

THE Summer Bucket List For MOMS

If you have been on Pinterest for any length of time, you have seen the different seasonal bucket lists floating around. I've never seen a summer bucket list specifically for moms. I, myself, try to...
quad cities summer fun food truck fight

Quad Cities Summer Bucket List

Summer can be bursting with activities and travel or it can be filled with long lazy days of doing much of nothing. I prefer a combination of both. We've got lots of options for...
summer safety tips for kids

Top 10 Summer Safety Tips for Kids

Let’s celebrate the beginning of summer vacation!  With temperatures rising and us all being outside a lot more, it’s important to review summer safety precautions for our children.  Here are our top summer safety...

Spring Time Fun for Little Ones (and big kids too!)

Spring in the Quad Cities means a lot of cold days, rainy days, sunny days, and windy days; and often all on the same day!  As I'm always telling my kids, there is no...
how to be an on trend mom this spring

Be an On Trend Mom This Spring

Here at QC Moms, written by moms, for moms, we care about all aspects of your parenting journey. Part of building confidence as a mom is creating personal confidence in yourself. When you look...
Kids at camp playing tug o war quad cities summer camps 2021guide

Quad Cities Summer Camps 2021 Guide

We are so excited that with the vaccine implementation and COVID cases plateauing, there is a huge likelihood that things will be back to normal(ish!) this summer. If you're anything like us, you're beyond...

City Scavenger Hunt for Kids

Looking for a fun activity to play with the kids while touring a new city or while out running errands in your own city?  Then try this fun (and free printable) idea for a...
cheap and easy activities to do with kids outdoors

20 Cheap and Easy Activities to Do with your Kids Outside

The sun is out! The bulbs have begun sprouting! Is spring really here? It's time to get outside and enjoy some cheap and easy activities to do with your kids! As a mama who works...
quad cities spring activities

The Quad Cities’ ULTIMATE Spring Activity List

Do you feel it?  The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and the flowers are blooming.... Spring is here!  It makes us all want to get out of the house and enjoy a...
books to celebrate diversity middle grades kids sitting in a row reading

Books to Celebrate Diversity for Middle Grades

It's important to read books to celebrate diversity for a myriad of reasons. Marginalized children shouldn't be the the only ones reading and being exposed to diverse books, nor are their lives the only...
diverse row of children with books picture books celebrating diversity

Plenty of Picture Books Celebrating Diversity!

Every child deserves to see themselves reflected in picture books, and every child deserves to see the many cultures we have in our world! I’ve put together this list books celebrating diversity for preschoolers,...
football bingo superbowl

Super Bowl Bingo (for people not super into football!)

There's a big game on today! You may not be super into football or even the Super Bowl but chances are it will be on at your house. If it is and you want...
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