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Olivia is a girl who loves Jesus, is head over heels about her hubby and is beyond thankful for her three miracle babies. Olivia also has lots of children in heaven as a result of recurrent miscarriages. She is passionate about bearing and sharing hope with those walking through the darkness of infertility and miscarriage, and is working on a book entitled "Bearing Hope: Navigating the Darkness of Waiting for a Child." She still can't believe how awesomely God brought Coleton into her family through adoption, and how He blessed them with Annabelle thirteen months later. Baby Calvin was born a couple years later. She teaches yoga, writes, and runs to keep her stress levels under control. On any given day, you might find her singing worship songs in the kitchen, sniffing essential oils, or curled up in the corner crying because mommying is hard. She relies on good friends, holy yoga and yummy food to keep her sane. Read more of her stuff at Liv Ryan.

calling new writers

Are YOU the next Quad City Moms Blog Contributor? Do you want to write for The Quad City Moms Blog? We will be adding to our group of regular contributors beginning in September and we’re looking...

5 non-couponing ways to save money on groceries

I have three kids younger than three and a half. Disorganization is my middle name. So you can probably imagine that I. Hate. Coupons. However, I happen to LOVE saving money. Maybe that's why my...

how to be the best babysitter on the block

Raise your hand if you remember the "Babysitter's Club" books. I was a big fan. So much so that I started my own neighborhood babysitting business at age 11. Believe it or not, people actually...

ten boy-mom challenges

Today you get the pleasure of meeting Rita Templeton, a local blogging celeb and mama from Fighting Off Frumpy! This blog is re-posted with permission from Fighting off Frumpy. There are few things I consider myself...

parenting in crisis

The times will arise, and I’m sure you unfortunately know what I’m talking about. The inevitable and sucky days and weeks that you have to parent in SURVIVAL MODE. It might be due to...

20 things every expecting mom should know

Hi there, mama expecting her first child! Wow, how your life is about to change for the wonderful. As I near my due date with our third baby, I’m reminding myself of things I wish I...

Easter Fun in the Quad Cities

Ready…set….GO! Those three words are some of my kids' favorites. They love to run, race, jump, and do any kind of little scavenger hunt.   With Easter right around the corner, the Quad City Mom’s Blog  wanted to...

financial planning 101: five mistakes you don’t want to make

Now don’t go running for the hills just because this post is about money, a sensitive topic in most households. Take a big deep breath, and let's dive into these common mistakes to uncover...

11 ways to pamper yourself on a dime

Having been a yoga teacher for over five years now, I've become a huge proponent of learning yourself. Listening to your body. Breathing deeply. Drinking life in. Nurturing the one body and mind and...

holiday gift guide: the cherry on top boutique

***GIVEAWAY CLOSED*** Our mission at Quad City Moms Blog is pretty simple – connect with local moms and the community. This holiday season, we want to take this a step further to really help you find...

thanksgiving crafts for the less than crafty

I am a holiday enthusiast. I am a child enthusiast. And I am certainly an enthusiastic mama. But one thing I am not...is a craft enthusiast. I have tried, oh how I have tried! Once...

trick-or-treating schedule and safety

It's about that time again: time to suit up and head out the door for another Halloween sugar fest! Being a free spirit, I've always hated rules in every way, shape or form. But the...
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