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Eden Accessories

Cutest. Accessories. Ever!  Eden Accessories has something for every girl in your life!  What started as a hobby by QC stay at home mama, Amanda, has turned into a collection of headbands, barrettes, bows, combs, necklaces, hats, and custom...
My daughter is a little pip squeak (10th percentile for height and weight) but a complete MONKEY! She started climbing up her changing table at 10 months old and by 17 months old she decided it was a good time...

Stroller Strides

For 2 years after I had my daughter, I felt very alone in the struggles of motherhood.  None of my friends had babies yet.  I desperately wanted to know I wasn't the only mom dealing with the dreaded 2...

Meet the Mamas

Camye (as told by her Mama) With 3 sisters and a brother, Camye grew up with  the qualities of both the first-born and the middle child- she can organize anything and gets along great with anybody. When she isn’t loving...
I know this is a recipe to add to the box when my kids ask for seconds!  Evie couldn't stop pretending to rock her "baby lasagna"!  Amanda has a TON of great (and simple) recipes on her website.  These Chicken...
I feel like I should come up with a song, "keep your apples cold, keep your peaches warm, keep your avocados covered, and you shake it all about…"  Ok, Obviously I'm no song writer but I AM always questioning...

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Make THIS the Best Halloween Yet: 4 Tips for Success

    1. Let Them Pick Their Costume. For most parents, this seems like a no brainer. But if you're a control freak like myself, you...
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