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Family Night Recap

The first QCMB Family Night was a hit!  Over 80 people attended and Chick-fil-a took great care of us!  Every kid ate for FREE and everyone (moms and dads included) got the chance to make their own sundae!  By...

Mommy Makeover-Part 2

Once our makeup was finished we were able to go SHOPPING. It has been such a long time since Camye or I were able to go shopping and look exclusively for ourselves. Oh how things change when you become a...

Mommy Makeover-Part 1

  Mommy Makeover How much time do you have every day to spend on your physical appearance?? How often do you pass a mirror and think “Gosh, I am having a great hair day!” When was the last time you didn’t...
Getting a family of 5 ready for pictures is hard enough - pinks or reds, strips or plaid, the stresses of taking pictures start DAYS before the photo shoot is scheduled. Then add having to make 3 kids try...

Becoming a Wife Again

7 years ago on October 16th, I made one of the biggest commitments of my life.  I gave my best friend my hand in marriage and vowed to love him in sickness and health, for better or worse, till death...

Becoming a “Real” Mom

Most moms are pretty "present" for their child's birth.  Most moms know exactly what it felt like, what it sounded like, as their beautiful child was taking their first breaths of life.  I wasn't present...and I didn't hear the...

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2020 Guide to Quad Cities Apple Orchards

Apple crisp? Apple pie? Apple latkes? Yes please! Find those ingredients atone of our fine Quad Cities area apple orchards. Nothing says fall like apples,...
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Astronomy for Families